20 December 2008

Ask, and you shall receive.

So Sang and Doug stopped by to give me a Christmas present, and it's exactly what I wanted. Who knew chocolate and bacon would be a good combo?

For the first time in two days I'll actually be leaving the house. Forrest finally graduated college, so we're going to celebrate. I considered making a cake for the celebration, but then got lazy. And in my laziness, I watched two really good movies.

I've wanted to see 8 women for about a month, and it just happened to be on. Lucky me. And then while dad was making dinner, I was reading the descriptions of movies that were coming on, and all I had to read was "In 2054, a cop tries to save a scientist who has created eternal life..." Sold. And Renaissance just happened to be a really well animated murder mystery. Actually, they were both murder mysteries. And both French (only 8 women was spoken in French, though). Go figure.

My neck is killing me today. And here I thought I was getting better.

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