23 December 2008


Other than being cut up and the wind burn, it really doesn't hurt.
But it definitely looks a lot worse today than it did last night.

So now the question is, do I tell my family and everyone on the
street who asks that, really, I took a snow bank going 35-40 miles
an hour on a sled behind a SUV and let gravity do the rest, or
do I make up something a little more BA...

This is what I get for not taking my mom's holiday photos yet. And
my dad totally woke me up to ask what happened and looked really
grossed out.

Oh man...I just realized it will probably be around for new years
too. Damnit. I get a haircut so I'll look half way decent this
year, then I have to go smash my face on the road. Good job, me.


jb said...

go with bear fight

josh finck said...

slipped in the shower,
landed on some sandpaper