02 October 2008

Remember when this is what
we filled our nights with?

Hanging out with Doug, Sang, and Forrest yesterday reminded me of home. For the first time since moving to Holland, I felt like I was back in highschool. We biked for hours with no real destination, almost crashing and killing one another at least a half dozen times.

(Sang insisted that he must stop for every cute girl he talks to)

And then spent the rest of the night scheming about poscasts and playing ridiculous board games and getting so lost in it that from an outside perspective we must have looked insane.

I miss my friends that are so scattered everywhere I feel like I may never share these times with them again. It's like you are all my little moons and I'm this constant never moving planet, forever doomed to be sucked into the black hole of west michigan.

Poetic, I know.

One by one, I'll make my way out of this place.


andrew cherry said...


pent up melodies said...

who is the girl lurking in the back not playing?

shauna said...

Who do you think? Chie, when she first met us.