06 October 2008

Day three, and my neck still feels just as bad as what it did. What the hell did I do to it? I feel like this is just helping my current and constant state of immobility and idleness.

Other than the aching neck, lately most mornings I've had the urge to go to the orchard in scarves and hats and pick apples and drink cider. I usually end up going with my dad, but there is something about going with friends that makes it just that much more memorable.

I crave warm apple donuts by the greasy dozen.

I've decided that my dad's fridge is not filled with real food. And also, I need to start making him a decent dinner or two. We need to start eating better. I feel like I need to make myself a New Years resolution for my life as of late. Something like:

1. eat better, maybe drink less beer (yeah right)
2. get out of bed before noon
3. stop idling, and start looking
4. get out of this place

It's silly, but I want to make it happen.

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