24 September 2008

Boy, someone sure does need a haircut.

So, I've moved back home. I feel like this is a big transitional period in my life, and I would really like to start documenting it for future reference. Like a specimen. This might mean the beginning of a new blog, but so far my ideas have required a camera, which is something I don't have.

But something will be made soon.

Oh, JB, I've had this song stuck in my head all weekend, and I know you would love it. It's Electric Feel by MGMT. Actually, you would love that whole album, so I suggest you get it asap.

More to come soon.


pent up melodies said...

time to pretend is my favorite song by them

but yes, they're all winners

i recently rediscovered limewire [h-a-p-p-y]

i need a haircut too.

document your next week on film and we'll compare weeks. i started today.

adam ross niemara said...

hey remember when i totally put you up on MGMT months and months ago?
i knew you would be down