17 December 2008

It's a Christmas miracle.

I finally got a haircut.

I can't believe next week is Christmas all ready. I have some work to do. But keeping with the spirit of the holidays, the boys and I decided to make (not from scratch, Forrest...) ginger bread cookies. Well, as you can imagine, mine turned out something like this:

And, well, they boy's turned out more like this:



and this:

And I'll be proud if you can name them all.


This is the most interesting thing I have to update.


Workhorse said...

first one is raiden riping sub-zero's head off
next one is Goro
another one is Spiderman
I'm not sure about the green blob dude eating
the brain of another dude, could be reptile but I dunno

josh finck said...

goro is the best
one there id say

jb said...

man, i hope i don't miss cookie day at the barnetts!

nothing like a cookie that might eat your brain

shauna said...

I know, I was just thinking the other day that I need to call Tracey and find out when that is. I haven't missed it in five years, I'm not going to start now.

Forrest said...

I agree, Goro is the best cookie of them all!