08 October 2008

Well shit.

So I went to my follow up appointment today. I guess when you're trying to crack jokes at the doc and he just stares at you, it's not a good sign. But I guess I'm glad I finally have answers to a lot of questions about the pain I was always in.

Let me give you a visual to what's up.

Yeah, I know these aren't my real x rays, but they have them for the time being. But I stared at them long enough to remember what mine look like. So here is a side by side view of what a normal healthy spine is supposed to look like, and what mine looks like in the purple next to it.

This and my hips are probably the worst. So notice how the neck is supposed to have a nice curve foreword at about 45 degrees. Well mine actually goes -20 in the opposite direction...for real.

And lastly, here is what my hips (which I didn't even really know had a problem) look like. Most pelvis bones should be symmetrical, but lucky for me my right hip in almost a half inch higher than the left.

So now, starting on Friday I'll be going to the chiropractor three times a week for the next three months. Hopefully this helps, because if I don't treat it now, in the next ten to fifteen years my vertebrae will begin to fuse together. Lucky me.

Bummer city, but things could be worse.
I made this mix last night because I couldn't move to do anything else.

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sang said...

hey, my neck is like your neck. i used to go to a chiropractor but not anymore. i do crack my neck a lot though.

melissa said...

Woah. Your all sorts of wacky wiggles with your bones. Cant you pop your hips out of place too? like i can?
spooky. I really want to goto the doctor, but dont want to find out im dieing so i dont, because i dont have insurance and that shits expensive.. I hope you can move without pain soon

andrew cherry said...

you know what i call that.