17 October 2008

Usually I'm not the type of person to talk about my views on things like religion and politics because from what I've ever seen, it usually turns into a battle of who is right and who is wrong. But with the election quickly drawing to a close, for the first time I am confronted with issues that effect more than just my life and where I live, but also who I am as a person.

I wouldn't consider myself a feminist, but personally I've never had to struggle in my everyday life just by being a woman. Granted, I'm only 22 and looking to release myself from the shackles of my childhood, but reality is slowly showing it's face, and sometimes I feel astonished about how little our world has actually come.

When it has come to issues like abortion, I never really put both feet on either side of the pro-life/ pro-choice barrier. I straddled them both with equal reason, with the main ideal being that a woman should always have the right to chose, one way or another. So yeah, I guess that makes me a little more pro-choice, but I was (and am) open to others opinions.

This election has made me think more than any of my life so far. For the first time in my life, the majority of my family is working part time or less because of the job crisis is Michigan. There is no work here. I just graduated from college and am now living at home because I need to find a job out of state, but have no money to get there. Granted there are other factors, but this still rings true. What is happening to out economy isn't just effecting me, it's effecting everyone around me and their quality of life.

But more on point here and what I'm trying to get at is that with this election, there is a candidate out there who is trying to control what happens to my body.

"...conflict inherent in the Republican party ideology of small government and the religious right's ideology of forcing the government to impose their religious views on the larger society."

This is EXACTLY my problem with all this. Abortion is not a government issue. MY BODY is not a government issue. Stick to foreign policy and STOP legislating my body. It's 2008, in America. How in the fuck are we still trying to get across the point that WOMEN ARE PEOPLE TOO?! I will not be sorry for having passion about being a human being. I'm sick of being angry when I drive pass the clinic knowing full well how many women are hassled and harassed by protesters for making a choice. And now there is a good chance that a woman's right to make that choice will be taken away, AND that she will have to pay over $1200 for a rape kit (which is usually available at any hospital and covered by insurance) in the case that it should happen.

Butting into other people's choices just absolutely makes my head spin. Say, for example: I hate crocs, but I'm not going to send your kid home from school because he or she is wearing them. I'm not going to make it illegal for you to wear them. I just ask that you don't make me wear them.



Workhorse said...

my professional opinion is to start listening to a lot more Rage Against The Machine

jb said...

can we all reject a president solely on the vp? seriously, any one still thinking about mccain, just look at palin, she's not even a strong role model figure for our daughters. and backward steps like this are not going to pertain only to women-- i fear for all minorities.

I"m in the same boat, i'm not going to tell you what you can and can not do-- BECAUSE IT'S NOT MY CHOICE, your life, your body.

melissa said...

Yeah lets just make it easier for women to be raped, because if any woman who is raped cant afford a 1200 rape kit, its just makes it easier for rapist to get away with it, oh and on top of that lets make abortion illegal, so that 13 year old girl who is raped by a family member is also forced to raise a kid who may or my not be mentally challenged, oh and also lets not have any health insurance for her or the child. FUCK. Seriously. Hey Palin, Why dont you go push your religious views on you own un-wed pregnant daughter. Obviously abstinence only sex ed works real well.

sang said...

what's wrong with crocs?