19 October 2008

I will learn to breathe deeply. Really taste the food I eat. Sleep really well. Try as much as possible to be wholly alive with all of my might, and when I laugh,I will laugh like hell. And when I get angry, I will get good and angry. I will try to be alive. I will be dead soon enough.


Colin B. said...

Hey now. What's all this about?

The words are raw, the photos speak true life and pain.

jb said...

and you will be here soon enough sister

womb to tomb

Workhorse said...

i clicked on your profile and I noticed that your profile views was the number "666" - I hope that cheers you up (it should, cause its METAL)

jb said...

so you need to make a new post because every time i pull this up and see these pictures it's like watching someone kick a puppy-- it makes my stomach lurch.

put like an LOL cat up for a while or something-- i don't like seeing you like this-- you're going to get out of this too. i know you will.