06 July 2008

These guys say that I don't look any different than what I did five years ago.
I don't feel like this person.
Sometimes I don't even remember this person.

I've enjoyed spending the last few days in Holland, suprisingly.
I'm going to miss the boys.
I don't think I've spent this much time with them since high school.

But one thing I have realized by spending time here is how the
few generations below me are such a waste.
Here I am, sitting at the coffee shop I always sit at, and all I can
hear is these kids talk about scoring coke and bumming cigarettes
off anyone they can cause they're still too young to buy them.

(god, I feel old.)

This is one of the only times in my life I don't feel bad for being
a bitch. I can't tolerate people like this. What a fucking waste of
life. I've spent time with shells of people after that shit.


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Jessi said...

let's not think about it. I like this new communication outlet we've found.
you're always here with me. I just wish i could share more of it with you.