08 July 2008

So here I am, sitting at Wealthy Bakery.
Met with a client to go over some prelim
sketches, and before I can even show her,
she's decided to go in a whole other

So it goes.

I don't really mind though, just more
money to make I suppose.

It's so damn humid and the house just smells
like about twenty cats have swarmed the place.

I just keep telling myself the rents cheap
and the room mates are nice, so I should just
deal with it, but I find myself in Holland
more and more getting away from it.

So it goes.

I like all the smiles I keep getting from
people. They must like my silk bandana and
headphone that came off a sony walkman circa
1994 (my earbuds broke...again.)

And I realized I really really like the word
'circa.' I really like the way it looks and
how it sounds. Maybe I will have to do something
with that.

Why does Facebook ask me these things in the adds?
And why do they use a photo of someone that looks
normal and not overweight at all?