30 April 2009

So this is how it usually works: I started cleaning for about ten minutes, then I decided I needed music, so I scroll the radio stations of pandora. On the floor I notice my green hat (which I’ve been looking for) and put it on. Since I don’t have a mirror, I commonly use my photobooth to see how I look. That then leads to me taking a bunch of doppelganger pictures of myself (because it’s much more fun than one.) I’m playing my music much louder than I usually would because my dad isn’t home. Whenever I mention that I live with my dad, it makes me feel a lot younger than what I am, because most people my age do not live with their fathers or even talk to their parents at the rate I do. But I have to remind myself that this is a temporary thing. It’s almost his bed time, which leads me to believe he might be on a date (and also because when I came home the other night, he was using his “I’m talking to a lady” voice and went in the basement to talk so I wouldn’t eaves drop.) But lately he has been staying up a lot later. I wonder if he’s sleeping enough? I wonder if I’m sleeping enough. Maybe I should wash my sheets. Neh.

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