03 March 2009

Made this for a friend.

18x18 high gloss poster.

Click to see larger.

Miss you.


Victoria said...

I dig.
very interesting type.

but Shauna, darling...people can still steal it.

jb said...

i miss you too.

i'm getting ready to wake up and bake so many muffins for drunk kids in the morning [green beer day is thursday and we're having a bake sale] so the question remains, you're drunk, it's 11 am, how much will you pay for a muffin or a little debbie?

i tried to make a running lie with someone the other day, but no one can do it like us. we seriously need to get you a wig and go out.

work on that

but my nalgene of wine won't be the same without you. i may get to chicago soon, can you get there too?