05 January 2009

These are my last goodbyes of 2008
(I'm a procrastinator, so sue me.)

feeling stuck to this place, this area. It's
time for change. Major change, and I know I
can be less afraid of it.

empathy and serial dating. I know I am worth
what I think I am worth, for once.

phantom pain in my heart. You can stay in
the past, I finally don't need you anymore.

trying to "eat better" and "sleep more" and
"smoke less." None of you happen! So stop
bothering me! I do what I want!

You. This is why I'm saying goodbye.

Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.


sang said...

i was thinking this was the kind of goodbye where i need to tell you to have a seat. crysis averted.

jb said...

hey, so kimi is applying for a job with IDEO,
maybe you already know about them or they are trite in your eyes or whateveridon'tknow, but they're hiring there are jobs as an interactive designer both mid-level and junior designer. you should apply. it looks like a neat company. there are some other jobs in other fields but i don't know what else you might be qualified for/want to do.
maybe just look into it.
miss you already

josh finck said...

you changed
this post...