17 January 2009

I collect dresses. Of all kinds. Most of them are from flee markets and look like something my grandmother would have worn. I usually don't wait for a special occasion to wear them.

My favorite thing to read about is that of impossible love. Or at least, impossible in the world that I live in. Love of werewolves, vampires, ghosts, monsters, and time travelers. I think they refer to that as "escapism."

I regret that I stopped dancing.

I speak small amounts of French and Dutch, but I would love to learn Russian.

I was painfully shy growing up, but people would always comment about how rude it made me look, so I made myself stop. But even now, I can't fully escape it, because my skin still has a tendency of turning red and blotchy in uncomfortable situations.

I am the oldest of two children, but my parents have dated/married enough people for myself, at one point or another, to consider myself the third youngest of seven children.

I don't know how/do not enjoy small talk. It has been considered a huge flaw for many ex boyfriends.

I love writing letters, but I have a tendency to never send them. Every time I clean something out, I'll find two or three.

I really like myself, and I think someday, someone else will too.

I make a lot of lists. Usually nothing happens with them. It's just nice to remember sometimes.

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