27 December 2008

Probably the best ending to a series I've ever seen.
And maybe someday I won't weep every time I watch it.

(fat chance.)

My dad bought the entire Six Feet Under series off the
internet from some cheap site. The summer of 2007, I
took it from him and spent any downtime I had watching
episode after episode.

I watched this last episode the same night my then bf
who I was living with was coming home from tour. He had
been gone for about a month, and tried to get my mind
off it by making it my goal to finish the last season.
I remember going to bed exhausted after balling my eyes
out watching this last scene.

I didn't see it again until I was in DC a couple months
ago visiting a friend. He had already gone to bed, and
of course, I couldn't sleep. I was so afraid he was going
to come back in the room to find we weeping over a show.

But maybe that's just me.


Chris said...

Yes, best finale ever.

sang said...

doug and i are as well. you're welcome.