03 November 2008

That pretty much sums up my life tonight at the coffee shop. Well, that and an amazing game of "I'm going to a Mortal Combat tournament and I'm bringing..." ABC memory game with Doug and Sang.

I also did these blind portraits of the boys while we were sitting there. I find that if I don't look at the paper, and I only look at the person, I draw them much more accurately. Well, as accurate as you can while mostly looking like some sort of monkey. Lets say I can get the "essence" of the person. Yeah...that sounds a lot better. Plus, another friend of mine saw it and commissioned me to do something similar for his album art.

I kind of just want to rip my hair out at this point, is that cool?

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jb said...

curse you for introducing pumpkin seeds to my diet

or rather now lack there of