08 November 2008

So Sang, Doug, Forrest, and I finally started our podcast series, and by started it I mean we go in without thinking of what to talk about and ramble and laugh for almost 40 minutes. But we did record our second one tonight, and we actually had a topic this time.

For the first installment we discuss such topics as whether or not certain celebs are dead, boring people, and oppression of the white man. If that sounds remotely interesting you, you can

download it here

(just scroll down to the bottom of the page and download the link.)
We're officially called Secret References and I'm working on its own blog page as well as an easier way to listen to it. Coming up in episode two, we have a special guest talking mostly about awkward sex moments. And in episode three we'll be having our first official energy drink-off.

This is how four kids with no jobs pass the time. Enjoy!


JennMaine said...

lol.... but i must know IS THAT THE SEGA FONT!!!!!!!>>????

shauna said...

yes, yes it is.

Doug said...

haha yeah i thought it looked like an atari 2600 cartridge.
man we are way to cool.

JennMaine said...

fuck. yes.