14 September 2008

I feel as though as hard as I might try, this may be imminent.

Maybe not fully, and certainly not in ways I vowed never to be, but it's still there. I mean, is it bad I get so offended when people say I sound/look like my mother on occasion? Wouldn't that be something you're proud of?

And believe me, this is not any of that teen angst bullshit everyone is always blogging about. All I can really say is that your parents are supposed to love you, regardless. But I'm sure I'm not the only person in the world that thinks that. Plus, I'm not a damn teen.

(I think I hate that word.)

I think I'm excited about moving in with my dad. It will be an interesting transition for the both of us. He's been a swinging "bachelor" in the home sense my whole life. The court decided when we saw him, and that was only a couple days a week. My worry is that he's been so used to living alone that having another person there all the time may drive him nuts.

Here's to hoping that doesn't happen.

1 comment:

pent up melodies said...

aww, i like having my blog as my one place to be angsty.

you still accept me,
but that's probably just because my mom pays you.

i do mean it when i say womb to tomb [by the way] i love you fantastically unconditionally [by the way]