30 August 2008

I'm thinking about a new way to document my life. I feel as though something big
(or small...maybe medium) is going to happen/currently happening in my life. I miss the days when I could just photograph everything around me, and that was good enough. Well, I can't even do that anymore, but it has to be bigger.

Bigger than me.

I'm surrounded by stacks of movies and sleeping boys, blankets, and plushy leopard couches. My skin feels sleepy from the sun, and I want to nap too, but I sipped at the monster too many times.

It's already seven and I could just go, but I keep finding things to distract myself with. When I leave, I'll have to pick a direction, and I honestly don't know which one I'll choose (chose?)

I feel like I'm being pulled into another trap by you talking to me again. My guard is raised, except for some reason I let it fall when I actually hear your voice.

You were never good.

Ready for Fall.
I'm sick of tank tops and summer dresses and the sound of the fan. I want to go apple picking and wear thick tights and scarves and boots. I want the Halloween stores to open and pick masks to wear and makeup to paint.

We need to talk.
I need to tell them.

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sang said...

don't fret baby we're simply growing