15 June 2008

This boy is pretty great.

Whenever I seem to want to try and surprise someone,
it usually ends up going horribly awry. But I'm glad
that I stayed.

PS, I'm drinking your little kids spumante right now,
and it's delicious. I'm glad that you left it in the

So, I'm quitting my job.
I used to love it, but then I realized that the shit
that I have to put up with just isn't worth it anymore.
And the worst part is that I know things will be said
after I'm gone to make me look bad, and that sucks.

So, maybe it's time now to find something along the
lines that I actually got my degree in.

Hmmm....yeah. Scary.

1 comment:

just steve said...

You’re a good designer. I'm sure you'll be able to find a great job.
P.S. you + josh = cute couple