26 June 2008

I don't want to believe it, but
something is bound to happen.

I almost got in two horrible car accidents
yesterday, and barely got out of both of them.
Either I'm one damn good driver under pressure,
or I was just lucky that time.

I went to bed at eleven last night, which is
unheard of. I thought maybe I would wake up and
get an early start to my day, which I did at first

but it's almost one now, and I just got out of bed.

Last night I dreamt about when I was a kid and we
would have to go to the pool for gym. The other
kids would always make fun of my belly button
because it looked different then theirs. That's
because it's just made of scar tissue when they
had to create one for me.

I couldn't help I was born so early.

And to this day, I don't like it when people see it
close up and especially touch my stomach. I know
it doesn't look any different, but in my head I see
it the way those kids did.

I have work to get done today.

1 comment:

pent up melodies said...

i'm glad you're alright
i would be so lost without you