25 May 2008

I'm not a believer in
"everything happens for a reason."

But there comes a time in my life where I look
at all the events that I hope for, and for some
reason don't end up happening, it can't just be

It seems like whenever I really want something
to happen, hypothetical or not, it usually

(I'm going to say at least 90% of the time)

doesn't happen.

I am a believer that if you do something bad,
it will come back to get you. But at the same
time I wonder exactly what I did for all those
times that just won't let me be happy.

(I feel like this isn't making any sense.)

Of all the days, his phone had to be broken
today. Of all the summers, you went home for
this one.

I feel like such a piece of shit talking about
this because I have no control over it, so
what's the point of even worrying about it.

But at the same time.
Come on, really?

Why can't I just get to be happy without
a catch?

Is being this anxious all the time worth it?

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